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Web/Mobile Apps sig: Overview of Front-End Workflow Developer Tools

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 6:00:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )



1201 Edwards Mill Rd # 201 Raleigh NC

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Overview of Front-End Workflow Developer Tools - Greg

Recently overheard:

"Well, if it's a small web app and you want to get it done really quick, I'd recommend you just simply use:

Yeoman, Bower, Node, NPM, Grunt, Gulp, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Karma, and GIT."

Perhaps you've heard of some of these non-MSFT front-end developer tools and wondered what purpose they serve and how they fit together.

We will introduce these tools and describe how they fit into a workflow to develop an app.

Then we will illustrate and solidify how they are used by example as we build a small app with these tools.

Main Meeting: Using Responsive Web Design To Make Your Web Work Everywhere

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 5:30:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )


Microsoft's Durham Office

4825 Creekstone Dr Durham NC

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Devices are as unique as their users. Detecting the end user’s platform is a fruitless expenditure that often leads to wrong assumptions. Maintaining multiple web applications for different platforms is not cost effective and stressful. Responsive web design is a way to design your applications for devices of all shapes, sizes and resolutions. This session covers a definition, examples and how to execute a proper mobile first responsive design. We will also cover how to use responsive images to ensure your application performs well.

Presenter: Chris Love

Chris is a front-end developer for people and companies who are lost in the sea of modern web and user experience standards.

Through his Blog, Speaking and books, he’s here to help you shake up your approach to web development while making it all feel like fun. His insights and opinions have been featured in various magazines and popular web sites. He has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals ranging from mom and pops through major corporate brands build modern web experiences.

And when he’s not working on front-end development, you can find him spending time with his step-kids, learning karate and serving on his church's board of directors.

You can follow Chris' Blog at and on Twitter @ChrisLove.

Meeting Agenda: 

5:30-6:00 - Welcome/Food 
6:00-6:15 - Announcements 
6:15-7:45 - Presentation 
7:45-8:00 - Give-aways

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Data SIG: Big Data with Pig - Anita Luthra

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 6:00:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )


Fujifilm Medical Systems USA Inc

3005 Carrington Mill Blvd Morrisville NC

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Big data with Pig

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Dev Craftsmanship SIG: Domain Driven Design - Part III - Diane Wilson

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 6:00:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )



2501 Blue Ridge Road Raleigh NC

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Part III -

Domain Driven Design is a methodology for integrating the business model of a product with design and development, so that the model and implementation match up at the deepest levels. DDD is highly iterative, so it meshes well with agile processes.

Strategic Design and Architecture! Last month...

It's Business-Driven Architecture!

Diane Wilson is a senior software engineer at Fujifilm Medical Systems, where she holds long discussions of domain models with business experts, using ubiquitous language.

F#/Analytics: Reactive Functional Programming

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 6:00:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )


Met Life NEW BUILDING!!!!!

9000 Weston Parkway Cary NC

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Using Functional Reactive Programming to handle event-stream of values over time provides an alternative to the Observer pattern which produces a series of unique responses to discrete changes in state. FRP is useful anywhere the Observer pattern is common, and provides an elegant way to express computation in domains such as video games, networking, user interfaces and simulation. Once understood, it can greatly simplify your project and code dealing with asynchronous events with nested callbacks, complex list filtering/transformation, or timing concerns.

During this presentation I will delve into the Reactive Extensions from a functional prospective using F#. I will create, consume and compose event streams with Observables and RX leveraging asynchronous computation expression.

You will walk away with the knowledge and excitement of how to use the Functional Reactive Programming approach and how to leverage the reactive programming power to build high-performance and responsive applications.


Riccardo Terrell, is a Senior Software Architect at Microsoft who is passionate about functional programming. He is active in the F# community and started the DC F# user’s group. Riccardo believes in polyglot programming as a mechanism for finding the right tool for the job. He likes to describe himself as a functional guy living in an imperative world.

Main Meeting Location:

Microsoft's RTP Office

4825 Creekstone Dr, Durham, NC (map)

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