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AzureConf (

10/21/2014 11:00:00 AM ( Add to calendar... )

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Topic: Come Watch AzureConf with TRINUG!

On October 21st, 2014, Microsoft will be hosting AzureConf (, another free, online event for the Azure community.

Come join your fellow TRINUG members and enjoy the sense of community as you learn more about working with Microsoft Azure. Don't watch from home all alone or from your desk at work when you could enjoy being part of a group watching and learning together at the Raleigh Microsoft office.

This event will feature a keynote presentation by Scott Guthrie, along with numerous sessions executed by Azure community members. Streamed live for an online audience on Channel 9, the event will allow you to see how developers just like you are using Azure to develop robust, scalable applications on Azure.

Community members from all over the world will join known speakers such as Michael Collier, Mike Martin, Rick Garibay, and Chris Auld in the Channel 9 studios to present their own inventions and experiences.

Whether you're just learning Microsoft Azure or you've already achieved success on the platform, you won't want to miss this special event.

F# SIG - Concurrency in F# (Riccardo Terrell from MSFT)

10/21/2014 6:00:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )

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Writing safe concurrent programs has become a principal concern in the past years, as multicore CPUs have become more widespread. Functional languages help developers support concurrency by encouraging immutable data structures that can be passed between threads and machines without having to worry about thread safety or atomic access. Functional languages also tend to make it easier to write better concurrency-friendly libraries. F# programmers can take advantage of immutable data structures to make massively scalable, concurrent applications that are simple and easy to write. We will take a look at Async-Workflow, Events and Observable streams and the Actor Pattern to develop high concurrent application.

Riccardo Terrell is a Software Architect at Microsoft. He has been always passionate about writing parallel algorithms and high scalable systems. He was responsible for the development team that built a distributed and concurrent system to process and analyze in parallel a high volume of medical images in Northern Italy.

Dev Craftsmanship sig: Developing a Win 8.1 app

10/22/2014 6:00:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )

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Possibly a preview of a session from RaleighCodeCamp14?

more info soon...

Road to the Cloud

10/28/2014 1:00:00 PM ( Add to calendar... )

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Topic: Road to the Cloud
Presenter: Jim Duffy The Road to the Cloud is a series of global events led by Microsoft Regional Directors. The event focuses on the tremendous opportunity the new cloud market presents for the business leaders of established ISVs. Business leaders of independent software vendor organizations (ISVs) face increasing challenges in today’s software market: many companies are now evaluating software as a service to replace their legacy software. The technical challenges are significant, but the business changes are arguably far more challenging. Join this event to hear about best business practices and lessons learned about the cloud opportunity for a software business. This event is focused on business strategy, and is *not a technical learning event*. These events will be held all over the world.
Here is a link to the Raleigh event:
Here is a link to the main event page: *** Who Should Attend *** You should attend this event (or recommend someone else attend) if you are interested in learning how to capture the strategic opportunity that the new cloud market presents. This opportunity brings not just technical changes, but fundamental shifts to your company’s business model and a platform decision is a key component of that shift.

Main Meeting Location:

Microsoft's RTP Office

4825 Creekstone Dr, Durham, NC (map)

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